Patients and Investors Now Have an Opportunity to Support Medical Innovation Through AEVOLVE, AG & FP Issuer, Ltd.

ZURICH, Nov. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — AEVOLVE, AG is proud to announce that a unique new opportunity to support life-saving medical research is now available to investors and patients, through the release of a new securitized financial product, a Swiss tracker certificate, issued through FP Issuer, Ltd. starting October 30. The structured product — AVEX.AI – is registered with a Swiss issued ISIN. AVEX.AI will make the process of supporting life-saving medical innovation as easy as buying a stock, with the benefit of reduced risk due to its alternative investment structure. This subscription period opened on October 30 and will continue through December 20, with a maximum subscription value of $100M USD. This structured product is the first true hybrid investment vehicle featuring the convenience of a crypto token.

Rogelio Santos, Jr., founder and CEO of AEVOLVE AG says, “One of the revolutionary features of this offering is that patients will have the opportunity to join other investors in supporting promising medical research projects that may directly affect their lives.” Those participating in this unique opportunity will have access to innovative treatments and will also give investors in the trillion-dollar derivatives market access to the latest and most important discoveries emerging from the biotech and healthcare sector.

Through this first-of-its-kind approach, AEVOLVE AG will build a bridge between innovators, patients and the medical community throughout the world by dramatically opening the market for the funding of advanced medical procedures and innovative treatments. The opportunity for patients to directly support medical research affecting their lives is just one of the many unique benefits available to AEVOLVE AG investors.

AEVOLVE AG’s innovative solution offers investors liquidity and financial protection, in addition to providing patients with direct access to respected scientists and physicians currently engaged in life-saving medical research. Patients will now have an opportunity to become active asset-owners, decision-makers and stakeholders in the development of important innovations that will transform lives throughout the world.

Investors will have the opportunity to participate in AEVOLVE AG’s new platform, BioSpheres, a revolutionary new approach to biotech and medical innovation that eliminates the middleman, which has traditionally hindered progress in this sector. BioSpheres will oversee the screening, matching, transactions and fulfillment among participants.

Through BioSpheres, AEVOLVE AG’s AVEX token will serve as a voucher for patients and other investors to gain access to the results of these breakthrough projects. The structured product issued by FP Issuer, Ltd. – AVEX.AI – is a non-traditional instrument that converts token investments into a securitized product. AEVOLVE AG’s offering is compliant with Swiss guidelines that utilize a securitization pathway for wrapped tokens.

Starting on October 30, investors will have the opportunity to purchase AEVOLVE AG’s AVEX Utility Tokens through the Swiss issued ISIN. Purchasing AVEX Utility Tokens will essentially give investors a “reservation” – tracked through a securitized blockchain ledger – with specific BioSpheres research projects, redeemable with the medical firm bringing that new innovation to market or easily exchanged through the ledger at any time. 

“We are excited about the new opportunity that FP Issuer, Ltd. is offering investors. Many of the world’s most respected research scientists are also excited about connecting directly with the patients who may benefit from their work,” said Rogelio Santos, Jr., AEVOLVE AG’s founder and CEO.


AEVOLVE, AG is a protocol that supports medical innovations from research and development stages to full-scale commercialization, by connecting patients, investors and scientific innovators. AEVOLVE, AG offers BioSpheres, an innovation marketplace that connects patients and the global community directly with scientific innovators and experts from all over the world to address various stages of the innovation life cycle.

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