Leading Timeshare Attorney Susan Budowski Awarded Client’s Choice Award for 7th Straight Year

VENICE, Fla., Oct. 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Timeshare cancellation Attorney Susan Budowski has earned the AVVO Client’s Choice Award for 2019, marking her Seventh consecutive year as recipient of this honor.

Ten years ago, Budowski converted her law practice to specialize in timeshare matters exclusively, and she has fought tirelessly for her clients since. “After listening to clients’ troubles and stresses related to their timeshare purchases, not to mention the myriad of scams in the timeshare resale industry, I knew I had to help,” said Budowski. “I committed my practice to assisting timeshare owners in finding relief from their timeshare burdens.” While Ms. Budowski provides possible timeshare exit services for her clients, she is not timeshare-averse: “Timeshares work for a lot of people. As with any industry, however, situations arise that might warrant a contract being cancelled.”

Attorney Budowski also boasts a 5 Star Client Rating on AVVO, the independent lawyer rating site. “Qualifications and licensing are critical to being successful resolving these complicated timeshare matters,” she says. Budowski recommends always utilizing a licensed attorney or law firm when it comes to handling timeshare matters. She has maintained this 5-star rating for the past seven years on AVVO and takes pride in bringing peace of mind and justice to her clients.

There are many companies that offer unlicensed legal advice and claim to be able to cancel your timeshare, but the unfortunate truth is that most consumers end up paying these “cancellation companies” more money than they would have to a licensed professional. Eventually, consumers find out they signed up for an overpriced “do it yourself” campaign; they are relegated to send form letters themselves, and because these letters are not from a licensed law firm, rarely (if ever) are they reviewed by the developer’s legal department. These “cancellation companies” are not law firms and cannot negotiate on your behalf, nor can they bring litigation if necessary. No matter how legitimate they may appear, it is crucial you consult with an actual licensed attorney. “Outrageous claims, guarantees and upfront payments are all red flags.” Budowski states, “this is the same advice I would give to my family or friends.”

To provide consumers professional advice, Budowski provides Free real-time consultations available all over the world through her websites, www.susanbudowski.com and www.mytimeshareattorney.com. She provides initial consultations at no charge to educate consumers how to avoid being scammed in the resale market, and after she learns the details of a case, determines if she can help them with their timeshare matter. Unlike many large firms and cancellation companies, Budowski does not take on every consultation as a client. “If I do not feel I can help you obtain a positive resolution, I will not take your case,” says Attorney Budowski.

About Attorney Budowski
Susan Budowski is the leading timeshare attorney in the United States. Operating out of Florida, considered the timeshare capital of the world, Attorney Budowski has helped thousands of timeshare owners since converting her law practice to exclusively handle timeshare matters in 2010. Ms. Budowski has been selected for AVVO’s Client’s Choice Award 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, and 2013, and she was honored with the Guardian ad Litem Award of Excellence 2016 by the Orange County Bar Association.

She was admitted to the Florida Bar May of 2004 and was added to the Roles of the Law Society of England and Wales in August 2012 as an English Solicitor, allowing her to practice law in nearly 40 countries.

Ms. Budowski is also the Chairman and CEO of Hope City United, Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit organization, focusing on bringing awareness and an end to Human and Sex Trafficking

Ms. Budowski previously worked at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in Langley, Virginia where she received multiple Exceptional Performance Awards from high-ranking members of the CIA, including former CIA Director Robert Gates, who also served as Secretary of Defense for both President Bush and President Obama.


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SOURCE The Law Offices of Susan M. Budowski, LLC

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