National Manufacturing Month: GoatThroat Pumps Celebrates by Showing Its Continued Support with Reliable and Inexpensive Solutions

MILFORD, Conn., Oct. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — October is National Manufacturing Month, which honors U.S. manufacturers that are developing products, establishing new technologies and generating new jobs that fuel the national economy. Global leader GoatThroat Pumps is celebrating by supporting manufacturers with efficient and affordable solutions that help minimize waste, exceed compliance requirements and keep employees safe.

As many manufacturers know, chemicals used throughout product development and manufacturing are often purchased in large 55-gallon drums. Spills or other accidents occur when employees try to dispense the chemicals from these unmanageable containers, either manually or with large machinery.

For High Point-based Carolina Casting, a leader in polyester resin products for the furniture industry, a large quantity of acetone is used daily, which requires dispensing the liquid from a 350-pound drum several times throughout the day. Carolina Casting uses acetone to clean hand tools, small containers, and machine flushing operations, with the primary use being to clean all finished products of chemical components, flashing, and foreign debris. Before discovering GoatThroat Pumps, Carolina Casting would move the large heavy container to another location, by placing it on a cradle in a prone position, attach bonding and grounding wires, and then tipping it to dispense the acetone through a hand-controlled faucet. Then the entire process would be reversed to return the 350-pound drum of acetone to the chemical storage room. Dispensing acetone was a slow, labor intensive, and wasteful process with large amounts of acetone being lost from spills.

After trying rotary hand crank pumps, which offered no flow control and created more spills, and determining other cost-prohibitive options were not feasible, Carolina Casting found the cost effective and easy-to-use solution with GoatThroat Pumps.

With a spring-actuated flow valve, these pressure action pumps function like a beer tap for chemicals, allowing workers to maintain absolute control when handling the chemicals, and allows the large container to remain in a safe and upright position. Using GoatThroat pumps to transfer the acetone from drums proved to be efficient and provided more precision to Carolina Casting’s daily process. After a month, they added the BGA pneumatic device to eliminate pumping by hand.

Carolina Casting Plant Engineer Dan Stiles commented about the efficiency, safety and exceeding compliance requirements from using GoatThroat Pumps, “At a rate of four gallons a minute, it takes one person about 12 minutes to fill the 40-gallon tank,” said Stiles. “No more carrying buckets of acetone across the factory, which consumed the better part of 30 minutes and could hurt the employee’s back. We have replaced o-rings a couple of times, but the original pumps are still in use after four years. The new procedure is faster and safer, and has helped us exceed our environmental compliance requirements.”

GoatThroat pumps are safe for use with more than 1,700 liquids, including the most aggressive acids, flammables and solvents used in manufacturing. GoatThroat engineering controls prevent most of the commonly occurring fluid hazards at the point-of-use in manufacturing. These systems include pumps, fittings and accessories which are fluid specific, meet compatibility requirements, and are designed to be a complete turnkey solution.

Additionally, GoatThroat Pumps last for more than 10 years, so manufacturers not only save by not wasting chemicals, but the amount of plastic ending up in landfills is dramatically reduced.

GoatThroat Pumps provide countless manufacturers and businesses spanning all industries with a safer, easier method for transferring chemicals. While there is no substitute for planned maintenance programs that identify and mitigate causes of spills and contamination, manual drum-emptying and transferring practices frequently generate spills that lead to work safety issues or problems with regulations. Manufacturers are justifiably concerned with the loss of costly, usable chemicals, and with GoatThroat Pumps, an affordable and preventive approach exists. GoatThroat designs chemical transfer pumps that meet OSHA and EPA requirements, and also seamlessly integrates into manufacturers’ budgets by cutting short-term costs by reducing wasted product and long-term costs associated with lawsuits, claims, and citations by regulating agencies.

During National Manufacturing Month, and throughout the year, GoatThroat Pumps supports manufacturers around the world with their dedication and commitment to keeping workers safe and providing reliable, cost effective solutions.

About GoatThroat Pumps
Based in Milford, CT, GoatThroat Pumps develops and manufactures high-quality chemical transfer equipment, with a focus on improving worker safety and global environmental compliance. GoatThroat’s fluid friendly pumps are the safest, most reliable, and easiest way to accurately transfer any liquid. Off the shelf and custom configured pumps, fitting and accessories are fluid specific, meet compatibility requirements, and are designed to be turnkey solutions to fit transfer applications. Equipment categories include Chemical and Food Applications, Flammable Liquids, Agriculture, TRI Reporting and Pneumatic Systems.

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