Growth Stocks to Watch for 2019

August 26, 2019

Growth Stock to Watch: Franchise Holdings International (OTCQB:FNHI) Why everyone needs to learn the name Helios Before It’s Too Late

Franchise Holdings International (OTCQB:FNHI) Is Perfectly Positioned To Become Northern America’s Fastest Growing and Most Innovative Truck Bed manufacture for both regular Truck beds as for the highly innovated Solar Truck Beds with its fully owned subsidiary Worksport.

You may not have thought of investing in Truck Beds before. It’s OK, most investors haven’t.

Truck beds have flown under the average investor’s radar even when they see them every day or perhaps bought one themselves. This hasn’t stopped the Truck Bed market from almost doubling in just 3 years from with ongoing growing Pickup Truck sales and Huge growth in overal global Solar energy Investments that can accelerate the growth of Franchise Holdings International (OTCQB:FNHI) and its subsidiary Worksport even more. With most investors still unaware of these amazing growing markets mixed in one investment there’s tremendous room for this trend to continue for more amazing shareholder value.

Truck Bed Market Doubled

FNHI’s management cares about Shareholder Value and is delivering

Revenue Growth means Shareholder Value

Franchise Holdings International (OTCQB:FNHI) is accelerating revenue growth by on boarding new clients and growing their dealer network for their subsidiary Worksport and expects to grow sales by 1000% in the next year (2019) and 10.000% in the next 5 years.

Revenue and shareholder value growth


Helios – Solar Technology in a Truck bed Cover

Power on demand where ever you go

Pickup truck study of 2018 shows that 17% of pickup truck owners want a power supply in their next truck, the Helios Solar Cover provides power on demand for both Work activities as Sport / Outdoor activities.

Electric Pickup Trucks and Truck bed Covers are an amazing and popular match

As electric pickup truck developments keep moving forward solar truck beds could provide power for electric vehicles to extend the driving range.

Most Truck bed manufactures get acquired

While the overal Truck Bed market almost doubled in just 3 years Franchise Holdings International went up 300% in the last 5 months. As the last independent and most innovative Truck Bed manufacture investing in Truck beds has never been as interesting as it is today. Beside the growth that Franchise Holdings International (OTCQB:FNHI) is showing it has a mayor potential for a future buyout as all other independent Truck bed manufactures are already acquired where the last known was for $145,000,000 USD.

3 Reasons For Investors To Keep An Eye On Franchise Holdings International (OTCQB:FNHI)

#1 Franchise Holdings International has Shareholder Value high on its priority list. CEO Steven Rossi retired 100 Million shares in 2017 which counted for 40% of all outstanding shares!

#2 Franchise Holdings International will obtain a dual listing at the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) in early 2019! This huge milestone will increase exposure to international investors and is expected to improve liquidity for better shareholder value!

#3 Revenues, Revenues, Revenues. Franchise Holdings International is accelerating revenues with its subsidiary Worksport. Multiple big Private label customers are contracted and sales keep growing like never before. Gunpowder Capital and investor in Franchise Holdings International stated in the last conference call of October that 2-3M revenue is a no brainer for FNHI and 50M+ is expected within 5 years. If 10 times current revenues within a year is a no brainer and 100 times revenues is expected within 5 years then the companies growth and shareholder value have never looked so good for both short as long term!

Franchise Holdings International OTCQB:FNHI
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